Vietnam Embassy in Denmark

5 year Vietnam visa for Danish citizens 2019

5 year Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa has many kinds depending on time you stay in Vietnam. As usual, people obtain for short period but you know, you can get a long period type of visa. If you want to enter Vietnam for several times without applying visa every time you come, you and your parents have Vietnam origins, you can apply

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Vietnam transit visa for Denmark citizens 2019

vietnam transit visa

Not all foreign travelers need to get Vietnam transit visa when they travel to any country but they must transfer in Vietnam. According to the law, Vietnam transit visa is normally valid for 5 days and this kind of visa can only be granted for groups in tour accompanied by a tour guide. Any tour

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Denmark citizens must know Vietnam Immigration Department

vietnam immigration department

Foreigners in general and Danish citizens in particular are sometime required to be present at Vietnam Immigration office for their visa process or some special case. Instead of going on the Internet to search for the address or answering the locals, why don’t you know it from now. This article hereby will supply you address

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Clearly guideline for Denmark citizens to apply Vietnam Evisa

Citizens from Vietnam and Denmark are now very easy to move to each other country, thanks to the loosened rule. There are more and more people travel to Vietnam from Denmark, so they need to know about the Vietnam Visa rule. You know, it is no longer as difficult as in the past for Denmark citizens

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Vietnam Visa Exemption for Denmark citizens 2019

Vietnam is a beautiful country that located in Asia. Thanks to the easy movement between Vietnam and many countries, foreigners nowadays come to Vietnam more and more day by day. Although some foreigners when entering Vietnam need to apply for a Vietnam visa, Vietnam also has a policy that allows citizens from some countries enter without

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Emergency Vietnam Visa in Denmark 2019

Emergency Vietnam Visa in Danmark

Do you need to apply for Emergency Vietnam Visa in Denmark? How to do and how much is it? How to get Vietnam Visa in Denmark 2019? Vietnam visa extension for Danish citizens 2019 It is not very difficult to apply for a Vietnam Visa at the present time, especially for Danish passport holders. In fact,

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Vietnam visa extension for Danish citizens 2019

vietnam visa extension for danish citizens

Do you know how to get Vietnam visa extension for Danish citizens 2019 and how much does it cost? Let’s find out through this section. Not many people know that they have not come to the final step after having a Vietnam Visa. In fact, if you want to stay in Vietnam for a long time,

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Vietnam visa fees in Denmark 2019

vietnam visa fee in denmark

In normal case, Danish citizens do not need a Visa to enter Vietnam for less than 15 days. In case you are required a visa,  how much does it cost? We will tell you the Vietnam visa fees in Denmark.  How to get Vietnam Visa in Denmark 2019? Applying for Vietnam Visa – Frequently asked Questions

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How to get Vietnam Visa in Denmark 2019?

how to get vietnam visa in denmark

Thanks to the open rule between Vietnam and Denmark, citizens from the 2 countries are easy to enter the other. How to get Vietnam Visa in Denmark?   Applying for Vietnam Visa – Frequently asked Questions Do the Danish citizens need a Vietnam Visa? We give you a lucky new that Denmark is in Vietnam Exemption

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